About Us

MCUBE GLOBAL is a manufacturing & general trading company. The trading side of the company has kept their fingers on the pulse of the international market specially China for global & local businesses, we use this intuitive grasp of chinese market network to locate, develop, and deliver affordable products to our clients without any hassle.

When it comes to tapping emerging markets across the globe, you need a go-between company you can trust to obtain and inspect the merchandise you’re seeking. You want to know you’ll receive what you ordered and MCUBE GLOBAL goes above and beyond to make sure your supply-and-demand cycle for the hottest products is never set on “pause.”

Our Products

We have a wide range of products to cater multiple industries and customers. The products are certified and accepted worldwide. In addition the food product range covers Halal & food safety certifications as well.

Food Items

  • Tin Canned food
  • Tin Canned vegetables
  • Ready to cook noodles

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Textile & Footwear Items

  • Home Textile
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Under garments

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Plastic & Related items

  • Plastic Machinery
  • Sealing Tapes
  • Color Pigments

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Medical Equipment

  • Diapers/ Pull ups (Child/Adults)
  • Bed ridden Patient Lifts
  • Baby Incubators

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Consumer Items

  • Garden accessories
  • Travel accessories
  • Travel & Hiking bags

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Let’s Work Together!

From product tracking to negotiating potential vendors, we are here to make your experience profitable, successful, and smooth.